How to Know If your Child Has an Eye Problem

There are a few clues that would help you know if your child has an eye problem.

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How to Take Care Of Glasses

You invest a lot of time in finding the right pair of eyeglasses. Read about how to keep maintain them.

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Vision is Precious, Protect It.

It is essential to ensure that your eyes are healthy and to prevent any condition before it manifests itself. At Rafiki Optician, we will offer you a free eye checkup and give you recommendations on how to keep your eyes safe and healthy. Visit Us on any of our branches.

Find Your perfect Frame

We are passionate about helping our clients find perfect frames that match their tastes and preferences. Come and see the latest TRENDY frames not available anywhere else. Book an appointment today;

Refractive Management

With a team of eye specialists, we will provide you with all the solutions you require for refractive management.

Kenyan Eye Specialists

We are specialists in eye care. We don’t just say it, we mean it with every customer that we get the privilege of serving. 

We are State Of The Art.

With state of the art optical equipment and highly skilled optometrists, we are available to take care of your eye needs.

Wellness Programmes

We regularly conduct free eye checkups and eye care education in collaboration with Schools, Churches & County governments, with the aim of helping the unreached and needy members of the society especially children and the aged.

Free Eye Examination

Our on-call optometrists provide all our clients with a free eye exam. This is available in all of our branches countrywide

We Use the Best

Ray Ban, Kodak Lens, Crizal Lens Are some of the amazing brands we use. Walk into any of our outlets and you will find that you are in very good company.  Our Accredited Partnership Certifications give you the comfort that we actually mean what we say.


Currently, We serve the following Insurance and Corporate Companies.

Effortlessly Look Elegant

View With our wide range of designer frames and sunglasses, you will have the chance to effortlessly look elegant with the latest styles and fashions in eyewear

View our latest collection of designer sunglasses now.

Our Collection

At Rafiki Optician, we offer the latest Designer Sunglasses, Stylish Prescription glasses and impressively affordable contact lenses in Kenya.

Sun Glasses

Not just for the sun but for that trendy impression. Rafiki Optician keeps a wide range of designer sunglasses to suit all tastes and styles.

Prescription Glasses

Just because they are prescription, doesn’t mean that they have to look old-fashioned. Get a pair of stylish prescription glasses from Rafiki Optician.

Contact Lenses

Discover Clarity at a whole new level with the uninhibited view created by Rafiki Optician Contact Lenses

Rafiki Optician must be one of the best eyewear dealers in Nairobi… I say so because of how {with responsibility, humility, hospitality, skillfully and open-heartedness} they handle their patients. Moreover, as one of their regular & permanent customer, I like the “full services” they offer. 

Besides all that, they have all the desireable Frames at fair prizes. Their eyewear-services are also affordable & perfect besides the FREE Computerised Eye-Test they give. I certainly have it in mind that most of the patients they have served stand with me about all that I have said concerning The Rafiki Optician. Be Blessed.

– Brian Wagus

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